Monday, March 05, 2012

Color Burst

Another morning of eyeballing all the blacks, grays, and blah colors of winter in my closet.  Another morning of boring!  It's about this time of year when all I cal think about is Spring as I am getting tired of the same ole same ole clothing combinations.  So, I was delightfully surprised when these lovely bright socks from my mother-in-law arrived last week!  She is an expert knitter and is always right on with her color choices  So, along with one of my all black uniforms, I added this bright burst of color to remind me that bolder colors and warmer temperatures are in site.

Perfect for s day of location scouting for my next project!

Boots: Born
Coat:  BB Dakota

Special thanks to Ky for taking these photos.  Nothing like having a director offer a quick impromptu photo shoot!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Will she knit me a pair? So cute!!!!!

Torrie said...

how sweet of her! & they are so cute!! i literally just grabbed my bold pink sweats to put on this morning- over the blah dark ones. Spring is definitely on the brain... :).

The City Boy said...

"pops" of color or POC are all the rage!