Friday, May 25, 2012

Armed and Ready

Our warm weather continues over Memorial Day Weekend with highs in the 90s.  We will be hitting the beach and pool and believe me, we will be armed and ready with our sunnies, hats and sunblock.  Jason Kids Sunblock spf45 is my sunscreen of choice this weekend.  Love the traditional sunblock scent that reminds me of a combination of Coppertone and Pina Coladas!  It gets a medium range rating according to eh as it's that fantastic scent that tips it into the medium risk range as far as ingredients. But it does really protect from the sun as fully proven after two beach days last weekend.  Tubes all around...and maybe a pina coloda or two.
Happy Holiday Weekend! 

On sale now for $5.00 at Whole Foods!


Torrie said...

good to know! just ordered some for the kids (Episencial & Doctor T's Swipes), but have yet to get any for us...

Lori said...

Sounds good! We need a new bottle of sunscreen!