Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bringing back the bauble

The other day I wore a ring that my high school boyfriend had given me as a birthday present.  It's a pretty little emerald and diamond super feminine gold ring.  And then I put tape around the band and let my daughter wear it around the house for a few days.  She called it her wedding ring.  Then I put it back in my jewelry box for it to live until the next time I feel like illuminating it out of its past.  There is something a little nostalgic about wearing an ex's piece of jewelry and reminds me of the old lettermen jacket wearing days or swiping your bf's football jersey for the powder puff game.  Wearing an object that was given during a time of innocence and initial carvings  on a picnic bench exudes a sweetness of the past.  And I am talking ex's from high school, college, younger days...wearing the engagement ring from an ex-husband may not work (wink).

So, when I asked my blogging bestie to send me a few pics of her recent girls weekend for a potential blog post, I was instantly drawn to this photo.  "Credit the bracelets, please" I responded in my text.  The gold one is from Brian**  Her college boyfriend had great taste.

Bottom line: The jewelry can either sit and collect dust or be mixed in with your current pieces.  Why not?

**Names have been changed to protect the innocent.



Why not, indeed! I think it's a great idea. xoxo

Torrie said...

love this :).

wishing my bf's had better taste! (well, i guess i did like the pieces back then... but definitely not as timeless as that gold bracelet!)

The Suburb Experiment said...

I got a gorgeous bracelet from an ex-boyfriend, and then the stone fell out and got lost shortly after we broke up. I took it as a sign. :) I DO wish it had survived though.

The Suburb Experiment

About Last Weekend said...

My bfs were useless, except one that carved me a wood album with rope loops, thank you for helping me remember that!

alicia said...

sooo agree! :)