Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Everything doesn't always have to match, Mommy."

Another innovative take on fashion from my four year old, apparently an up and coming outfit mixologist.  This comment coincided with the arrival of the J. Crew catalog, which just happens to feature a bunch of traditionally non-matching outfits that happen to look fabulous.  Taking this fashion advice from my shorty opens a wide array of outfit combinations and can pretty much triple your closet.

Her "non-matching" matching outfit of choice on Monday (yes, she arranges her outfits like this on the floor).


Oh Sunnie Day said...

lol the next future Rachel Zoe!



Stacy said...

love it!


Torrie said...

so cute... and so true!! (not that i'm always brave enough to follow it myself, but i can't tell you HOW many times hailey has said these exact. same. words... in fact, i can hear her little voice in my head now... condescending tone and all ;))

btw- find me on instagram, so i can start following you!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

oh my heck, that is *adorable* that she lays out her outfits...and girl has mad *STYLE*! Love what she put together!!!