Thursday, October 11, 2012

LBD (little boring dress)

We all have one.  The dress that hangs in the closet but never gets worn.  It's always in the "maybe" pile, sometimes in the "donate" pile and for some reason has nine lives and finds itself back in your closet.  My dress happens to be black.  Even though I bought it two years ago, the style cries out bohemian 1999, and the low cut neck is not my style.  So, why did I even buy it you ask?  Temporary insanity is all I can plea. The other day when I was wearing the dress as a housecoat (I love those old school words), and was going to change into this blouse and pants, I realized that the blouse could possibly be worn under the dress and give it new life.  It's all about shopping the closet, finding creative ways to layer, and making the best with what you have.

this is not a pose; but was taken in the five seconds my son and i had in between students and parents walking and driving by


The Suburb Experiment said...

It's always gratifying to find a way to use something that you just can't seem to get rid of. :)

i'm stephanie. said...

looks great, but...i think you should shorten it. wear it with tights and high boots (high to the knee not as in high heels) good date night outfit. i'm all about showing some leg. =)

torrie said...

very cute w the shirt... as it would be w/ high boots n' tights (as stephanie stated :). love her).

bestie said...

i've been more of a ankle booties girl lately - may freshen/modern the dress even more. this photo was taken on one of the last warm days so i as basking in tights/leggins free :) thx for the suggestions!

SmartBear said...

See...I am horrible at this. Little secret? I actually have to get help from people to put outfits together. No matter how hard I try, I can never pull it off alone.