Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Every morning, the kids and I walk the four short blocks down the street to school.  And every morning, about two blocks in, we joke about the wind tunnel that seems to be brewing in the same spot, everyday.  It's always windy in this small block of about one hundred feet.  And the small comfort that my children find in knowing that these one hundred feet will be windy reminds me that they still thrive on routine.  Much like they did when they were toddlers; taking naps at the same time and experiencing the same bedtime routine, the wind tunnel serves as that similar reliance on routine.  Just as I rely on routine (and caffeine) to get me through my days, the security of a routine seems to last throughout life.  And when the routine is disrupted, like when I open the fridge to realize that we are out of half & half and my morning joe will not take place, we tend to meltdown.  Although, adult meltdowns tend to be subdued, the internal kicking and screaming is there.  So, it is for this reason, that I always let my kids know the schedule of the day.  I've been giving my six year old the "schedule of the day" since he was one and the schedule consisted of diaper changes, wiggle worm classes, and puffs snack breaks.  And, perhaps, this is why we need calendars and schedules - to remind us of our routine - to add a little comfort in knowing what will happen because there is so much that we don't.


fashion wanna-be said...

Inspired!!! xo

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

This post is an example of why I love you and wish we lived closer. Yes to all of it. And same here to all of it.

torrie said...

exaaaaactly. which is why i have been so OFF (per my latest post... one WEEK(!!) ago) as of late. no. routine. (for me anyways)

since that post, it's getting better. slowly but surely.

love this... and love hearing about your kids~ & their [intact] routine :).