Thursday, October 04, 2012

Urban Campfire & Country Kicks

This past weekend felt like a weekend in the country, but we didn't go far from our urban abode.  Saturday night, we gathered with about 40 neighbors and friends in our back alley, which happens to be landscaped and lush, but let's keep it real here, it's technically still an alley.  We fired up the chiminea and the kids roasted marshmallows and turned all sticky fingers from their's s'mores.  We all contributed to the food table and enjoyed chili, corn muffins, mac cheese pie and more....We sipped wine and craft beers.  And the most amazing three-piece band played right below our balcony.  You could hear children's playful screams and the lull of chatter while everyone swayed to the music and took in one of the last warm nights of the season.  A reminder that we all have a little bit of country in us and we don't have to go far to get it.

Our fall festivities continued the next day as we took the kids to Design Harvest.  We've been going to this festival since its inception and this year, they really stepped up the kid activities about twenty notches.  Hayrides, a petting zoo, corn maze, pumpkin decorating - the works!

adorable kid swing by k. dille designs
check out her other stunning and creative designs!
and just a reminder that these fall festivities took place within our concrete jungle
i found these during a target run for $15; no joke
they are much grayer than this; see above


Rachel Waters said...

we had the same idea!! love it with the stuffed animal :)

torrie said...

loved seeing all of the ig pics... while it was ooooh, about a gazillion degrees here. made me feel very fallish- even if just for a second :).

fashion wanna-be said...

DYING for the boots!!!

About Last Weekend said...

Where there is a fire there is always fun!