Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Next Direct KIDS: Let the kids to the talking AND the styling

When I was asked to participate in a challenge for the NEXT Direct Kids fall line, I immediately agreed!  

The challenge:  To style an outfit using one of five items from the fall line AND to capture your kids saying what they like about it.  My choices couldn't have been more fitting for my two kids AND getting them to talk isn't necessarily a challenge, so fingers crossed and bows tied.

First item:
This too cute for words dress is one that my daughter is going to live in this winter, I can already tell.  She started jumping up and down when the package arrived (I have no idea where she gets this from).
When I suggested she pair it with grey leggings, she was appalled and replied, "BORING."  So, I left the styling up to her.

Her favorite things about the dress:
The Stripes (the apple doesn't fall far...)
and the fact that the bow is ON THE DRESS and not in her hair.  Although I may have insisted on a black hairbow for this outfit, but she is usually not into them.

In the few minutes that we spent doing the video, she received three compliments from people who passed us on the sidewalk. Oh, and most thought the leggins came with the dress.

Second item:
This will definitely appear in a "Does this come in my size?" post, because I love it.  Great quality hoody with some fun almost nautical/urban details that will be a staple in my son's closet this fall.  I love it so much that I may just have to order a boys large and hope for the best.

My son chose to style his with a favorite I heart NY tee, red sports watch (you know, for that extra color pop) and his uniform shorts.
His favorite things about the hoody:
"the hoody woody and the pocket wocket" -verbatim

*photos are screengrabs from the video

If you have a girl who lives in dresses and leggings all season, you must check out their fantastic selection of sweater dresses and casual dresses for winter.

After perusing the NEXT site, I realized that they offer cute, fun, and age appropriate clothing at good prices!  Check them out!

You can watch the videos on this youtube channel!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Saving Tip: Life Stinks

Okay, so I am all about saving time.  In the morning getting ready for the evening getting dinner on the table (you all know my ten minute prep or under rule), I just can't get enough time in the bank.  So, as I was doing another time saving task last week - otherwise known as dry shampoo - my super paranoid self (who only comes out about say, umm, every five minutes) decided to actually read the ingredients and it did not look good.  Monogliricidophate - the best collaborative word I could come up with based on what I read.  As I was contemplating the demise of my dry shampoo, I reached for my Life Stinks all natural powder deodorant and an epiphany struck down on me from the time gods...Why not use this ALL NATURAL powder to suck up that overnight oil from my hair.  Two second later I had what appeared (and that's all the counts here) to be freshly shampooed hair.  Amen to that!!  Seriously, I am de-toxing my beauty regiment BY THE MINUTE.  Couldn't be happier about this discovery.

BONUS TIP:  I also use this powder to "set" my all natural kick arse herbal ayurvedic DALLiia eye liner.  Snap!  And I just gave one away last week.

So, let's all raise a glass of organic wine to DALiiA and Life Stinks.  Taking beauty back to nature, one step at a time.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lolla Take One

 A few better late than never pics from Lollapalooza!  Nothing like experiencing Lolla for the first time with my kids.  So, when they are asked about their first rock concert, they are going to respond "Florence and the Machine and Jack White."  Seriously, I was never this cool. 

The mysterious woman in white was my favorite fashion moment of the weekend.
Subtle body glitter, sweat band on the right wrist, ankle boots, the perfect package.  Despite the fact that I had my sleepy four year old in my arms, the woman in white was hesitant to let me snap her photograph.  Ummm, I've got a kid in my arms and just have a silly little mommy blog, COME ON.  I had just let another blogger take my photograph and with the kids no less, so lighten up, it's Lolla.  Eventually caving, she let me take one and when asked who makes her dress, she responded:  "I'll never tell, maybe it's me."  Okay, then.  If it WAS her, I'd be taking the credit, because it was stellar.

Side note:  Two week later my husband saw the mystery woman at the park with a child.  
Small world. 

protecting the innocent

 In other news, the winner of the fabulous DALiiA eyeliner is HEATHER H!
Thanks to everyone for entering.  Another giveaway is scheduled for September.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Bungalow Hotel

You know when you see someone who looks so familiar and you swear you know them, but you can't quite pinpoint it,  and then finally realize that you know them from TV.  Well, this is how I felt when I arrived at The Bungalow Hotel.  We booked a room here as part of our NY roadtrip as we wanted to spend a few days on the Jersey Shore.  After waffling on which hotel book and many trip advisor review reads, we booked our room. Upon arrival, I had the familiar feeling, like I had seen this black bench before, and the Brazillian flag? Hadn't I seen that being stitched?  And then it dawned on me that this had been the hotel that the husband and wife team, the Novogratz, had designed on their first (and only) season of a little lost Bravo show called Nine by Design.  
Being a sucker for reality shows, I currently only have one on my tivo, but when my kids were younger and we were in baby lock down, I watched quite a bit more television.  It was during this time that Nine by Design was in my repertoire.  The Novogratz have seven kids and they flips homes in NYC; this hotel was their first big design project.  Impressively, their choices still hold strong and the place is pretty much a box of eye candy.  Although, there were quite a few families staying there, it wasn't the kid friendliest place (the front desk manager gave my son a "hand slap" stating that that book - that was positioned at kid level - he was touching was "art"-although an adult had be flipping through the book a few minutes earlier), but with the ocean a block away, it was hard beat.

I love the white washed floors and am wondering if I can do that to the floors in my dark, vintage condo? 

Last day to enter the DALiiA herbal eyeliner giveaway!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pizza on the grill

Check.  Grilling pizza with the kids had been on my to do list all summer and we finally tried it last week.  Although, grilling pizzas is a lot more involved that I anticipated and after a busy work day may not have been the ideal dinner choice, but we sliced and diced our way to the end.

We started with two bags of dough from Trader Joe's (one whole wheat and one white flour).
After researching some pizza grilling tips, I tried to get the kids to roll out the dough as evenly as possible for a chance at even cooking.  Quickly, realizing this was not going to happen, I gave up, and cut the dough so that we had four pizzas.

Another tip I read is to place parchment paper on top of the dough and oil the side that is not touching the paper.  Well, I completely forgot this one and had already oiled the dough when it was still on the cutting board.  Luckily, the dough still stuck to waxed paper as I was able to place the oiled side onto the paper, flip it and oil the other side, before placing on grill.  I believe that this worked better because I avoided having to brush the oil onto the dough when it was on the grill.  

After the dough started bubbling, we flipped it, and since the second side was already oiled, we added sauce, cheese and ingredients.

Mom's Combination #1
on whole wheat crust
(which really consisted of my pulsing basil, garlic, oil, and parm in the blender for five minutes)
Shredded Parm
Shredded Mozz
Diced Chicken
Diced Tomatoes

Lala's Combination #2
on white crust
Olive Oil
Green and Red Peppers
Shredded Mozz

Uneven dough rolling makes the crust all the more yummier with a crispy, interesting texture
Oil both sides of the dough before placing on grill
Use waxed paper to put dough onto grill
Don't attempt if your significant other is hell bent on keeping the kitchen clean that night


Thursday, August 09, 2012


Yesterday, I posted a product review on this must-have all natural, herbal eyeliner!  If you've read it, then you will be delighted to learn that DALiiA is offering one of my lucky readers an HERBAL KOHL EYELINER of their own! Because everyone has an eye for the natural.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Lots of ways to enter!  Giveaway ends August 15th at midnight (central).

Thanks to my new bestie, DALiiA!
And don't forget to leave a comment on their FACEBOOK page.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pretty Edgy

It's been a while since my last product review and I realized that I never shared with you my latest eyeliner obsession.  Real Simple magazine had me at "it's natural so you can use on the inner eyelid."  The Amazon order was made within minutes of reading that blurb and my Daliia was in hand and on my inner lids within a week.  This eyeliner is quite magical in that is self sharpens (because who can ever find the right size sharpener), comes in a perfect little case with hidden mirror (yeah, i broke mine, hello 7 years), and is easy to apply.  It's considered an Ayurvedic product in that it's made with herbs and is all natural.  I love the pop that inner lid liner brings to the eye.  It's stunning and perfect with mascara; no other makeup necessary.  
Note:  If using with a cream shadow, make sure to add a top layer of powdered shadow to prevent smudging.  
Happy lining!

It's a double review.  Lucky you.  
With all the lovely lavendered and blue hued toes walking around out there, I decided to go green with this Essie shade from the 2010 collection. Because that's pretty much how I roll, about two years behind.  Plus, I'm pretty edgy, just ask me.
Happy painting!

pretty edgy 
only $6.99 @ eNail Supply

Friday, August 03, 2012

DIY Leather Necklace

Recently, I received an email offering a product for me to review along with a giveaway for my readers.  It was for a mature take, if you will, on the monthly beauty box.  And by mature I mean that it contains a sampling of items that might enhance one's love life.  Ok. Well. First of all, why can't I get an offer from one of the standard monthly beauty box subscriptions (yeah, Birchbox, I'm talking to you).  Secondly, MY MOTHER IN LAW reads this blog (hi!).  Thirdly, I post about kids, how I can't keep my coffee warm in the morning, and nostalgic things like chickflicks from the 80's.  I think a post reviewing _______ (see I can't even write it), may be a little out of left field.  Don't you?

So, let's get back to what we know and love, like a DIY necklace that is so easy, you can make it over breakfast!  One of my favorite morning reads is In Honor of Design.  Anna has some hot kickin style and a pethora of DIY ideas.  I made this leather fringed tiered necklace in about thirty minutes, over breakfast, not kidding, and wore them to work the same day.

Anna's necklaces, my inspiration (umm, yeah, I got really creative with mine - ha)

linking up with kori

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Good for the soul summer checklist

truckstop, pennsylvania

carnival, illinois

What are you checking off on your list?  What am I missing?