Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Keepin it hot!

This is how my morning usually goes.
Wake up and for a brief moment I realize kids are still asleep so here comes my biggest dilemma: Do I continue sleeping OR Do I sneak into the kitchen for a nice hot cup of coffee
and internet surfing in the peace and quiet? If I choose coffee, I usually get to the pouring part and someone wakes up. So, it goes like this. Pour coffee (get someone a milk sippy). Pour cream (change a diaper). Put cream away (get a snack, find Curious George on Tivo, make someone a bowl of cereal) And finally, I get back to taking a sip of my coffee and it's bordering cold and I LIKE TO DRINK IT HOT! (microwave it for 15 seconds, oops, that's not enough, put in again for 15 more). Microwave beeps continually for the next 20 minutes until a little person asks, "what's that noise?" Oh, my coffee, REHEAT, REPEAT.

AND THAT'S why i am LOVING this mug and lid combo from West Elm.


Haute Dog said...

ha ha ha. This is me except replaced w/starbucks cups and sans kids. Love it :) and LOVE the mugs. Hot coffee for life.

Bestie said...

I was thinking of you when I wrote that...always heating up the bux cup!

Allie said...

You are the best! I love that you help me keep up with what is cool...although you always have! ;)

Bestie said...


Did you like my post on Paul Robinett? What happened there? I went to their site and it was no longer valid! Wanted to order candles for the holidays.

Bestie said...

Thanks Allie! I think the same of you sister.

Torrie said...

Love this. By the 3rd reheat- I'm kinda over it. :)

Bestie said...


AGREED! By that time, I need a fresh cup or a walk to Starbucks!