Monday, October 04, 2010

See ya round campus

I love having sweet little moments with strangers. The kids and I were waiting for my husband to get his haircut (he's goes to my salon) and the kids were dancing to the music, playing on the benches and actually being pretty well behaved. This woman was sitting across from me waiting for her foils to dry when she commented on the kids' eyes. We started having a light conversation about children and she was saying how she had always wanted five kids but she is now 50 and never had them. "Just never found the right man" she said. She went on to say that when she was in her 30's and her friends were having kids that she started realizing how hard it can be. Her tone was very upbeat.

I asked her about the new stylist she was seeing at the salon and she said that she has been following him for years and that he does a fantastic job. "Don't judge me by my hair now...I am going the platinum crewcut route after just finishing up chemo...I had breast cancer." Of course I responded with sympathy but she didn't even let me go there. "I think I am going to be fine."

As we were headed out the door, she wrapped up our conversation with a delightful and energetic, "See ya round campus."

I am pretty sure that woman has a lot of besties.

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