Tuesday, October 19, 2010

p+l = TLA

p+l boutique on clark street in lakeview was a nice find on saturday afternoon. it was the yellow tretorn rain boots that caught my eye from the car and dragged me into a parking spot and in the door. with labels like alternative, dept, hazel and a few local jewery designers, it's hard to go wrong. they carry apparel for men, women and babies. picked up a super cute hat for my 2yr old and a supercozy hat for myself (both at 50% off, by the by). they have $6 baskets filled with soft leg warmers and over the knee socks and they even had a $12 basket with cute clutches. i was coveting a dress but couldn't quite seal the deal so marisa, at the counter, said, "if you are still thinking about it in the morning, call me." love her too.

i'll definitely be back.
photo via p+ website, thank you.

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