Monday, October 25, 2010


We've had beautiful weather here in Chicago these past few days! I've actually been inspired to go on a few outdoor runs and am realizing that I could really use a new pair of runners (as we call them in our house)...oh, and maybe a new pair of legs, but let's blame it on the shoes, for now.. But tonight I went running in these:
And not even this exact pair. I had MBT's before they were really in...mine are solid gray, ugly, and I am pretty sure they aren't meant for running. It was a balancing act and I am quite sure that I received a lot of Jim Halpert stares (yep, just like in that commercial that's been airing lately, although, it's funny, I have no idea what that commercial is selling). I do know that a girl goes running by in some extra high soled shoes, like these, and some unathletic guys give her the once over and ends on her platform runners.

Think it may be time to go back to my standy-bys, the Saucony 3D Grid Hurricanes.
Guess they come in bubble gum pink now. Think these will keep me motivated?

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