Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comedian Joe

I have always found most of the Trader Joe's employees to be lovely and charming, and sometimes, funny. This conversation transpired at the checkout line on Sunday morning...this was the Sunday morning after my big Saturday night out...so, I may have found it funnier than usual.

Where: checkout line

Me: (fumbling with my credit card, I had just given the checkout guy (we'll call him TJ Comedian) my bags, which were all folded and flat, by the way

TJC: (with a straight face) "Oh, you left a pair of shoes in this bag...this must be your gym bag."

Me: (barey looking up) "Oh, sorry about that."

Me: (finally look up to see to him pull shoes out of the bag)

shoes are about 2" long and belong to baby Grace

Thanks for the laugh TJC!

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Dawn said...

Very Funny story....thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...I am your new follower....