Monday, October 18, 2010

my saturday night

i'm going to take a risk here and reveal one thing: i am a closet bachelor/bachelorette fan. but not to my close friends, of course. so, you can imagine our delight in bumping into the latest bachelors from ali's season. you see, the husband took the kids to my in-laws so i had the night off.. and i thought just going to dinner with a friend was going to be a treat! (oh, and sleeping in and having the house to myself and going to the bathroom by myself and not being woken up and sleeping in, well, you get the point). this was just the icing on the cake.

i have cropped out my friend (almost) to protect "half" of her identity
as i haven't quite received permission to post this. girl, am i revealing too much?

disclaimer: although it may appear that we were hanging out with them,
they were on their was downstairs to a private event (which we later
talked our way into) so we just snagged them for a brief photo op.

2nd disclaimer: chris l is way hotter in person, if that's even possible.

3rd disclaimer: i had my hair done earlier that day; i never look like that :)

this is the same bar (hub 51) where i met elizabeth kitt (from jake's
season and the bach pad). that's a whole 'nother story bc this was after
jake's season before pb, so i almost didn't meet her bc my husband thought
that i had the wrong girl bc elizabeth was brunette (yes, i con my husband
into watching these shows too, although he will never admit) but at the sighting
she had already become blonde. i know my bach peeps.

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