Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade Hot Fudge

Rhoda's Peppermint Hot Fudge

With all the amazing blog posts of holiday recipes, it's hard not to try every one. And with all the extra time we all have this time of year, it's so easy (insert kidding face). Who has time to squeeze in all this baking? So, I went for the fudge. Minimal ingredient count + minimal prep time = I will try it! The recipe was from the list of 40 Homemade Gifts from the Kithcn.

Here's the recipe for Rhoda's Peppermint Hot Fudge. I decided to make the non-peppermint option and it was DELISH! I did not even think about straying from the recipe - couldn't risk it.

I don't have a double boiler so I had to do it the old school way by holding one pan over another. After ten minutes of continual stirring with one hand and holding the 80 pound all-clad pan with the other I thought my arm would fall off. What a workout (great, didn't have to go to the gym that night...not that I was going to haul my arse outside in 15 degree weather and walk there anyway)!

This recipe makes me want a double-boiler. Hard to justify when that CuisineArt Food Processor is still hanging out on the bottom shelf IN THE BOX (the crate and barrel wedding box, that is). Cringe.

Happy Baking to all! Oh, and HaPpY FrIdAy too!


Haute Dog said...

Love it!! That's precisely why when I was little I told my mom I wanted to register at the gap...who wants a bunch of appliances?

xoxo. see you tonight!

Bestie said...

i am no longer hosting dinner so def see you later! yeah!

Bestie said...

p.s. love the place of registry! you should register there now for all occasions. xo

Torrie said...

You NEED to take that processor out!!

Honestly, I haven't been using it often (well, as of late, I haven't been cooking often), but there are times when it it a HUGE lifesaver!! :)

The hot fudge sounds delicious... off to see the other homemade gifts right now!