Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My husband thought for sure that I had sabotaged our computer (like I threw it against the tile floor or something) to get a new one. I assured him that my mac md would be able to fix it (why I was so confident, I don't know because I know jack about fixing computers). My husband also thought that I had let a piece of plastic go down the kitchen drain, thus clogging it, thus requiring a call to the plumber. He also claimed that this was going to be a $500 fix. So, this plus $1200 for a new computer = about $1700.

This was my text to my husband today:

Sink fixed: 95 dollars

Computer fixed: 125 dollars

Texting my husband that I told you so: PRICELESS

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Haute Dog said...

you should definitely take that $1500 to renegade.