Tuesday, December 07, 2010


We stumbled upon this idea at Michael's Craft Supplies over Thanksgiving. It's so fun and easy for the kids (and adults) that I couldn't resist stocking up on acrylic paints and clear plastic bulbs.

The instructions are pretty self explanatory. You squirt paints directly into the ornaments...tilting the ball as the paint covers the interior and lands at the bottom. Experimenting is where you can come up with some great designs.

Two things to keep in mind:

1. After you have covered the interior of the ball completely, you must drain some of the paint, but not all. We discovered that the paint started drying out inside after a day or two because we drained too much. We are still experimenting with this...seems after a few more days they continue to dry out..may to have to change up the paint.

2. We found that using the paint that was drained to completely fill a new ball worked really well and produced the best looking balls (i wish there was another word i could use instead of balls - its reminding me of that old "npr" spoof skit about holiday BALLS).

I am not too crafty over here, but this project was a lot of fun.

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