Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Staycation

Winding down from a lovely weekend spent with family. We all decided to stay in a hotel downtown (which is only about two miles south of us) and enjoy a weekend in the heart of the city. Saturday was spent ice skating at Millennium Park and admiring the window displays at what once used to be Marshall Field's (ok, it Macy's now). The evening was filled with wonderful food and wine at the restaurant in our hotel. Now, the hotel was actually an old-school city club and I thoroughly prepped (maybe threatened) my children to be on very best behavior at the fancy nancy restaurant. And, with the help of many tricks pouring out of my sleeve (little gifts, new markers, dry erase placemats, etc.), they sat through a two-hour dinner like perfect little angels. Phew! Phew! Phew!
my homemade antique gold frame dry erase placemat!
It was so fun to enjoy the excitement of a hotel through the childrens eyes. One night away (even in our own city) felt like a mini-vacation. With all the family activity, I was even able to squeeze in an hour of "me" time at the gym/spa. And I think that I can live off of that simple little hour for a least a week. Just think what an entire girls weekend could do.

The one thing our little staycation did make me realize is that getting everything together for a real vacation does not sound like a vacation at all. It's more about the quality family time without the daily distractions that gives it the vaca feeling. It took me all Saturday morning to pack our biggest suitcase (yes, suitcase) for one overnight. Plus the stroller AND the bag with all that misc. kid crap that you can't phathom leaving home without. Getting to the airport and on a plane, fuggedabutit.

Other things I am thinking about this week....

my new favorite hair product that i can't live without

easy shmeasy holiday treat (image via)

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Torrie said...

1) How fun for you guys!!
2) MUST make a placemat for Hailey!! (well, Jacob too, but Hailey LOVES dry/erase boards and placemats!... getting her a pad of write/on ones for Christmas)
3) Another product that I've heard wonders on and have been wanting to try!
4) I just tried those treats over the weekend! Hailey was given some as a gift from a friend at school... so simple and tasty!!