Friday, July 15, 2011

Ray-ban invasion

There was a serious Ray-Ban Wayfarer invasion at the market last Saturday.  Everywhere I looked, Wayfarers..mostly Ray-Ban, some look the Besty Johnson pair, lower left.  Just when I am thinking that I may pay up for some Aviators, I see this old school style back in action.  And guess, what?  That girl, with the Betsy Johnson shades, ended up being a babysitter and is looking for work.  Sometimes fate steps in.  So, now, I've picked up sitters at Lori's Shoes, Trader Joe's and now, the street.  I am wondering if there is a for sitters...

Small disclaimer...I got permission to take most of these photos.

happy friday, besties!
we are in the heart of summer now, enjoy.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Ha. I love picking up sitters!

Torrie said...

damn... i'm always behind on the trends. so- Ray-Ban's back?????

still loving your farmer's market posts. we're headed to sonoma in a few days... farmer's market GALORE!!! heaven.

Bestie said...

thanks, torrie. still loving our market outings. can't wait to see some photos of sonoma!!!!

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

such a fun post! I just had to do an assignment for my photography class on taking photos of people you don't's tricky, but it can be kind of fun ;) I love my ray-bans!

thank you so much for putting the sun savvy badge on your sidebar -- we want to get the word out there and you're certainly helping do that! xoxo {av}