Monday, January 09, 2012

Style Icon 2012

Happy New Year, Besties!   I was going to get all serious with my new year's take on resolutions, but I'll save that for later this week.  Let's keep this light, fun and fashion-like.  Remember my style icon of 2011?  Well, I'm keeping it classic but mixing it up with a little bohemian playfulness - Ali MacGraw - 1970 style.  

My husband just asked if this was a photo of Pippa!  
Funny how this 1970's girl looks so similar to our current royal icon of 2011.  

So, throw that side part to the middle, grab your favorite hat, and hit the year running with confidence and a smile. Two things that never go out of style.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

At a glacé I almost thought it was Angie Harmon. Wow, I never realized how Ali she is!

Torrie said...

yes... light and happy is always much appreciated on a monday.

especially on a monday in which i only got a few hours of sleep and woke up to the realization that we FORGOT TO GET COFFEE.

here's to a new year of posting, my friend!