Monday, January 03, 2011


Conversation on Sunday:
Me: Guess who my style icon is for 2011?
Hub: Janet Jackson
Me: umm, no. STYLE icon. FASHION icon.
Hub: Kendra? (being hopeful)
Hub: The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?
Me: Mary Tyler Moore
Hub: That show was on 50 years ago.
Me: Exactly! It's timeless. Classic.

Sarcasm runs high in this house and, of course, my husband was just giving me a hard time. Although it was hard for me to resist suggesting he get inspiration from a style icon rather than GAP and Banana Republic circa 1995. I AM working on his wardrobe this year as well...another project. Ok, back to business!

My style icon and inspiration for 2011:

MARY TYLER MOORE (wardrobe on the Mary Tyler Moore Show)
how much do you love this navy sweater belt combo and gold skirt? LOVE it.

and on the Dick Van Dyke Show (especially the black capris)
I saw a clip the other day from this show and love the classic look of a black turtleneck paired with her famous black capris!
I am thinking of keeping it classic; a lot of black on black and black & white. Capris and ankle length pixie pants, boat neck shirts, stripes (of course), white blouses and perfect fitting black turtlenecks. Of course, this will all be a lot easier to pull off when spring rolls around and I no longer must live in chunky sweaters and my new favorite slipper socks from Old Navy.

I started forming my MTM wardrobe with the Pixie Pant purchase from the J. Crew outlet and for only $16.99, they were a steal (plus, I can make a check next to the "spend smarter" bullet point on my New Year's Resolution lists). Love the 2 for 1 check!

Muah! Muah!



The Suburb Experiment said...

My fashion icons are oldies but goodies, too. 70's Ali McGraw and any-age Lauren Hutton. Classic is classic for a reason!

Diana Mieczan said...

I really love this post and I totally agree with you:) Happy New Year, my dear

Josie said...

I think that she's a FAB style icon, my dear -- can't wait to see you channel her all year!
xo Josie

elledee said...

I love that you picked MTM! Such a great style icon

Haute Dog said...
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Haute Dog said...

So on trend!! <3

Bestie said...

rach,who knew?!

Vanilla said...

I have a 'spend smarter' resolution too, the Pixie Pants are a great buy :) very chic and classic.

Love, vanilla

Torrie said...

Love the conversation, and your icon:).