Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Blogosphere Crush

    Weekly round-up from FWB...with a little extra commentary from yours truly.

    I just…there are no words…

near my old stomping grounds on avenue A

    I struggle with it…so I LIVE for a make-up tutorial…

i posted about you rebel lite here - love it!

           This boutique in Columbus, OH is my addiction…and loving this glam/casual pairing!

Can't wait to visit fwb and look for goodies here!

       Chicago is my home away from home (I lived there for 6 years…and was lucky enough to spend       some of that time living with our one and only).  SO crushing on the show "House of Consignment" filmed in Chicago...and the fact that this is a real business with real employees where she makes real money!
and that means more production jobs for our little production community!  woohoo!


The City Boy said...

i saw that picture on the satorialist the other!

About Last Weekend said...

Love that nude blouse - fantastic! Great news for you!

Alexa said...

Love the Satorialist.

Anonymous said...
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