Wednesday, March 09, 2011

nostalgia junkie

I am a huge nostalgia junkie and Ebay is my drug.  You've seen me high on vintage lip balm and 80's movies. I was delighted to see that this week's LISTOGRAPHY list is....
            LIST YOUR FAVORITE EBAY SEARCHES.  Yes!  I get on huge kicks where I research every toy from my childhood on ebay until I find them.
My VERY favorite search:  Vintage Bonne Bell lip smackers - this is a little disgusting - i don't really want to see the inside of a lip balm from 1980 - but i just like to reminisce
current search results: vintage ad featuring the chunky sticks on chains!

Vintage Fisher Price anything
current search results:  holiday inn (love; super satisfying)

i often search these Fisher Price Milk Jugs; just to stare at them 

Sweet Valley High Books from the 80's - another favorite   

(who could forget the Wakfield twins, the crash, the holiday special, etc...)

current search results:  all of these for $35 - what a deal!

and finally, two of my favorite ebay purchases (pre-children, mind you)

FASHION PLATES (my all-time favorite toy that I currently make my children play with)

and a HOLLY HOBBY COLORFORMS KIT (it's of the picnic with holly and heather, does anyone remember this?)  i don't have a current photo, but i will snap one soon.  love it and my daughter loves it!
i could go on and on, but i will keep it to my faves!!! 



Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Dude! This Fashion Plates are awesome. I remember those. Can I come over and play?!?

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness! This may have changed my mind about ebay!! Thanks for the trip back! I completely forgot about lipsmackers and those toys are awesome!

fashion wanna-be said...

SVH!!! I actually had a cassette of one of the I heard it live-action! :) My sister and I used to listen to it over and over...we would act out the lines!

Torrie said...

I knew your list would be good =).

LOVE all of these items. I had a big bin of Little People (why did I get rid of it??), and in result, bought my kids tons of Little People, which never get played with. I need to change that.

I love the little plastic groceries and cart. I used to have a cool scanner and I loved it. I love how they used to have price tags on them. Ryan keeps wanting to get rid of all of her groceries (when we clean her room out periodically). I'm just not ready (and she still plays with them)!

Bestie said...

I totally forgot about that red/yellow grocery cart. That's my next search!! That and old Tiger Beat magazines..just so I can see who is on the covers!