Friday, March 04, 2011

Just returned from "moms wine night," an event that I paid for at my son's school auction.  We started with a nice glass of Prosecco, then moved on to a glass or two of white wine.  And then, at some point, I looked down to discover that this is a wine tasting event.   But they seemed to be pouring portions for a wine chugging event and we were only on wine three out of ten. At that point, I reached for the bread plate and inhaled about 4 pieces whole, for the sake of absorption purposes, and started letting them dump mine into the bucket.  Despite the confusion, I had a blast.  Many stories swapped and laughs later, I hopped a cab home and am currently half-watching David Letterman with my husband.  And, in real time, he just looked over at me and said, "Are you drunk blogging?" ...he couldn't help himself and continued, "Friends don't let friends blog drunk."  Of course, I am not really drunk, although my dead teeth may beg to differ.  The biggest problem I am having right now is that I just popped a handful of chocolate covered candies (a party gift from the event) only to realize that they were chocolate covered espresso beans.  Back to the husband, "oh, my, if I have three of those, I will be up all night.  How many did you have?"  Ummm....guess I will be blogging all night.'

Glad that I am 16 minutes away from Friday.  It's been a long week.  Hopefully, Chicago will be coming out of the constant grayness we have going on here called winter.  I was in a J. Crew Factory store the other weekend, another GRAY weekend, and was encouraged by the bright aura flowing out of the store.  Check out these shades of bright...
I am not quite sure that I can pull off these shades of pink (they prompted a flashback back to a neon pink sweatshirt with the numbers 1985 splattered across the front, that i had back in, well, 1985).

Okay, the other amazing thing that happened today?  I got my bottle of SKII Essence (aka liquid gold, aka lifechanging serum, aka take my skin back to 1985) leftover from the shoot we did.  I owe a big thank you to someone, you know who you are (muah!)

Two things I would like to do with it.  1.  Take a bath in it.  2.  Design a special case for it to sit in by my medicine cabinet.  Number two was actually my husband's idea...however sarcastic it may be, I did actually consider it for a moment.  It does come in a glass bottle after all AND retails for $200.  Who am I to treat this bottle carelessly?

Lastly, I will be doing a BEFORE and AFTER photo so that I can let you all know if SKII lives up to the hype.  And if it does, you better start designing your SKII case because you are going to be jealous of my Cate Blanchett complexion!  :)

Happy Friday Besties!


fashion wanna-be said...

I have a pic I can post of us (circa 1995 or 1996) that will be our "goal" complextion ;) xx

Diana Mieczan said...

That SKII product sounds fantastic and I love love love wine nights:) Have a fun weekend, sweetie

Haute Dog said...

Totally bathed my face in it this am. Glow on girl ;)

Lisa michaels said...

Girl - I want to hear about how the serum works. I am always looking for products that will take my skin back to the original line backer days! :)

Torrie said...

Drunk blogging??? LOVE it. Ya know, sometimes I need a little help to loosen me up for those freakin' Listography posts.

So, you have my total approval to drunk blog. Or would that be blog drunk?? =)

(looking forward to that b/4/after shot)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like you had a great time!Your husband sounds so funny. Drunk Blogging!!

Styles 'n Cream said...

I've heard so many good thingsabout SKII but never tried them personally so I'm curious to hear what you think. I want some before and after photos.
Have a fabulous weekend!



Wine nights are wonderful and I like SKII :)

Happy weekend!

Bestie said...

will definitely let you know how the serum works. i have already forgotten twice (ugh) but am back on the routine!

drinks and posts all around!