Wednesday, March 02, 2011

And, I'm gonna be 40!

Oh, Sally i loved each and every one of your lines.  This line  in particular is one I liked to quote a lot.  However, it is becoming not quite as funny as 40 is quickly approaching and no longer 8 yrs away.  Joke's over now...

Participating in Listography 2011 with these besties, TorrieDanielleEmily and this weeks list is:  List which film characters are most like your personality.

Bring on the rom. coms...I can usually identify with the female character in one way or another.

Sally: He just met her... She's supposed to be his transitional person, she's not supposed to be the ONE. All this time I thought he didn't want to get married. But, the truth is, he didn't want to marry me. He didn't love me. 
Harry: If you could take him back now, would you? 
Sally: No. But why didn't he want to marry me? What's the matter with me? 
Harry: Nothing. 
Sally: I'm difficult. 
Harry: You're challenging. 
Sally: I'm too structured, I'm completely closed off. 
Harry: But in a good way. 
Sally: No, no, no, I drove him away. AND, I'm gonna be forty. 
Harry: When? 
Sally: Someday. 
Harry: In eight years. 
Sally: But it's there. It's just sitting there, like some big dead end. And it's not the same for men. Charlie Chaplin had kids when he was 73. 
Harry: Yeah, but he was too old to pick them up. 


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Sally was one of the best movie characters ever. And that line has always been one of my favorites!

Beth Aronson said...

Gotta tell you, things much brighter after 35. This from the girl who married her college sweetheart at 41!

fashion wanna-be said...

Cher from "Clueless" since I am the Fashion Wanna Be :)

Torrie said...

I must watch that movie now... It's been far too long.

Love Sally... and Harry too =).

Stephanie said...

just watched this movie last weekend. absolutely ADORE sally and harry.

love that line too and her inflection. so many great lines in that movie. good stuff indeed. i definitely relate to sally. especially her unique way of ordering...

Notorious MLE said...

Classic. I'm kind of neurotic like Sally too so I feel you!

Vanilla said...

Love this movie :)

Love, Vanilla