Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Motivational Sneakers

On day four of consecutive work-outs.  It's all about momentum, so I must keep it going.  Keep.  It.  Going.  I am also finding that I am definitely in a better mood post a morning workout...but maybe that's just my coffee kicking in...or maybe it's my bright green and yellow pumas.       When I lived in ny, I was on a big EURO sneakers kick and I got a pair of Pumas at a sample sale.  I also got the classic Pumas that every Mom (funny, tho, I wasn't a mom back then, hmm) had with the velcro strap.  Yep, had them in baby blue and pink. Looking to replace the old kickers with some brighter colors and this next Puma had me at the pink sole.

  Are you keeping up the momentum?  What motivates you?


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Those are cute. I have to work out in the morning or I won't get it done. Right now twitter is keeping me going on my work outs thanks to everyone doing Jillisn Michaels with me!

Torrie said...

Love Puma.

I agree. Momentum is key. I'm with Danielle on this. We've been working out "with" Jillian, and the little twitter group is more motivating than I ever would've imagined... just what I needed (post boot camp). What do you do to workout??

Bestie said...

are you doing jillian michels on dvd?