Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Baseball Caps are Banned

I have never been a fan of the baseball cap as the "go to" when you don't know what to do with your hair or if you don't have much time to do it...if you went to college in the nineties then you know that the baseball cap used to be a widely accepted accessory...but personally, I don't wanna go back.

Over the weekend I tested out three new chic "go to" hairstyles from some of our fave bloggers. I needed some quick and easy options for when:

I'm running late...I'm being lazy...It's raining...I'm running late...

You get the idea.

I still strive to look cute and pulled together...I just don't want to spend forty plus minutes making it happen.

Here are a few looks that I tried and actually pulled off:

We besties have lovingly been referring to this look as "The Syd"...we are officially obsessed with The Daybook and not only love her style ideas but are now rocking The Bun on a regular basis.

A Cup of Jo calls this one "Three Twisted Buns". I call it perfect for a rainy day.
Photo courtesy of Jamie Beck

Running out for coffee with the besties or picking the kids up from school? 
"The Messy Side Ponytail" is where it's at!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Beck

Go ahead and give it a try! The tutorials make it easy to look effortless...

xo - fwb

Style: Three Messy Buns

Conditions: Rainy and Running Late


Diana Mieczan said...

I love all those hair-dos and Im planning to try the messy ponytali today:) Enjoy your Tuesday, sweetie

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

The art of the messy up do is harder than it should be. I'm not very good at it.

Bestie said...

i have perfected the messy pony; perhaps i will try graduating to a messy bun!

fashion wanna-be said...

Danielle - BELIEVE ME...I am horrible at hair and even I could figure these out. :)

Lisa said...

I have done the sidney a few times since you showed me-or my variation of it!

Torrie said...

This messy bun is my favorite so far, but it's much easier to execute on Hailey than myself! But I never stress about it, cause the whole point is to keep it messy! (I do agree with Danielle a little on this... but I'll keep trying these techniques- cute & fun =).

Oh, I bought the BB's lip balm! They were sold out at Target, and had one left at Rite Aid! Love it.

Styles 'n Cream said...

I love all of these ideas - I have to master all of the tricks- buins, messy ponytails - I want to learn how to do it all and look just like these models - effortlessly cool.

Stephanie said...

i am loving this post. especially that picture of you sipping your wine. running late? no time to do my hair. but dang sure, there's time for wine. =)

100% agree about baseball caps!

Stephanie said...

oh, and b jones has a great hair tutorial for the carrie bradshaw bun. you should check it out. =)

Bestie said...

Torrie, SO glad you love the bb balm. did you get it in honeysuckle??? i love it! i am also loving rosebud strawberry balm.


Torrie said...

Yes, got in in honeysuckle!

Love that Rosebud Strawberry Balm too... I'm all stocked up on great lip balm (used to have only Hailey's crappy ones!)- thanks to you! =)

My cousin grew up on Carmex, so when I was younger I kept that in my purse, but then went for years without anything other than Blistex, or some other random balm.

Back later to read your Listography post... have to wake the kids up!