Friday, March 16, 2012

Blogosphere Crush!

Hey friends!  My bestie and blogging cohort is doing a weekly blog round-up!  For several reasons and the main one being is that she is way more organized than me and apparently isn't being affected with this spring blogger's block that is going around.  Think they have something for that at Walgreens?  She actually remembers where she read stuff.  Imagine that?  I promise to step it up with more consistent posts because I actually may jot down what's in my head once in while.  So, without further ado, her favorites from the week...
The "blogosphere" has enabled me to have, at my fingertips, a plethora of "cool girls" to use as inspiration.  Were you ever that girl that would meet a new girlfriend and think "her hair is so awesome…I wonder how she curls it?" or "her outfits ALWAYS look so effortless…how does she do that on a daily basis?".  I was so that girl and similar to how it felt to listen to a new CD all the way through for the first time, finding a new g-friend that was cool, had her own style, or could apply makeup was like Christmas morning to me. 

Inspired by that feeling, I thought that each week I would share who and what I am crushin' on from around the web...

I never liked it in middle school when girls would rank their friends.  "You're my FIRST best friend, and she is my second, third, fourth, etc…  But, if I had to pick a first, it would be Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Her first book is coming out in August…yeah, I pre-ordered it weeks ago.  This week, Emily posted about her sojourn to Austin for SXSW.  Austin happens to be the place that Bestie and I fantasize about meeting up in, and this post helps me remember why.

Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific comes in a dead heat second.  I highly recommend signing up for her almost daily emails with just her outfit pics…daily inspiration.  Even if you can't pull off the entire look, you can pinch her signature stacked bracelets or simple hair style…even the outfit color combinations.  If you are a Pinterest kind of gal - she just started pinning…swoon.

You know you have too much time on your hands when you spend an hour on Sunday watching "Sock Bun" tutorials.  This is a good one.

The Bachelor came to a DRAMATIC and tearful end…but The Bachelorette begins in May with Emily Maynard (another style crush).  Dana from Possessionista keeps me rolling with her Twitter commentary…plus she has the inside scoop on what the contestants are wearing and where to get it.

A healthy and fast breakfast starring egg and avocado…yes please!

The perfect summer dress..linked to via Joanna of Cup of Jo.

And finally…a suspected crush of Bestie…Jenna, from JCREW, courtesy of The Sartorialist.

Have a good weekend!
xo - fwb

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Torrie said...

you described the "new girlfriend/blogger friend" feeling to a "t".

i've stayed away (believe it or not) from following too many style bloggers (for various reasons), but i'm getting in better shape than i've been in a long time, and i'm ready to jump in!

i've read/seen both of their blogs but now, i will finally add them (top 2) to my reader... thank you!