Monday, April 23, 2012

As Gold as it Gets


I attended the Hugo Awards last week, which is the Chicago Film Festival's television award show.  Kelsey Grammer was winner of the Career Achievement Award and was at the event to accept his award.  But the real star of the show was the venue itself.  Designed by a team led by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects, the AQUA building is the tallest in the world to have a woman as lead architect.  The exterior is beautiful and the interior is even more stunning.  It's like being inside a jewelry box, surrounded by gems.

gold flames
gold toes
gold walls
gold tea lights
built into the surface of the table

let me quote what my friend said when she walked into the bathroom, "i feel like we stepped into heaven."
as gold as it gets - Essie

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Joy said...

Hey, is that my Grey Goose & lime?

Joy said...

Awesome photos. FUN night.

Torrie said...

great images!! (i'm lovin' gold lately... gold mixed w/ pale pink/rose... prrrtttttyyy.

Bestie said...

joy - i think i owe you one more photo! :)

The City Boy said...

wow! this building does look amazing. All saints jacket is great!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!! I love the tile floor. I bet the Hugo Awards were awesome!

About Last Weekend said...

Wow - that was heaven, I could have hung around those bathrooms all night! Loving that white jacket too!

domestic dish said...

Oh gold, how I love thee...What an intersting building!

Alexa said...

Oh man that looks so awesome! Great photos.

The Suburb Experiment said...

WOW. You're right, the outside is pretty stunning but the interior. . .that table!

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow what a beautiful space and that nailpolish is so sassy -love! Have a great day. xo