Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Workout

Lately, my workout has been trifold and includes magazine reading, phone emailing, and kardashian watching all while trying to keep my legs moving on an elliptical.  I know you are probably in awe of my multi-tasking, but it's quite easy when you are only moving at a snail's pace.  On Saturday afternoon, I prepped for another one of my workouts and with Rachel Ray magazine in hand (don't judge, I just started getting this magazine for free), I hightailed  it over to the gym, yawning the whole way there (it's two blocks).  My yawns were so infectious that I probably had close to the whole cardio section with mouths open as I headed over to the bike.  Yep, I chose the bike, not the stand-up pretend you are in a spin class sweat your butt off bike, but the sit back, lounge and put your feet up bike.  I usually don't do the bike so I forgot out the 4 inch tall ledge that separates the bikes from the rest of the cardio machines and I TRIPPED RIGHT OVER IT.  Example one of my workout downward spiral to hitting rock bottom.  Example two:  About 20 minutes into my "workout" I look down and realize that I am still wearing my down jacket AND I have not yet removed my fleece hat!  That's how UNSWEATY I was -  I had been biking for twenty whole minutes and didn't even heat up enough to make me want to remove my down, Patagonia, warm enough for below thirty degree temperatures, JACKET.  This is when I decided that my workouts had hit rock bottom and I must pull myself out of this terrible habit before I have to buy another pair of jeans - in a larger size.

Sidenote:  I recently picked up a pair of skinny trouser jeans from Old Navy the other day as I really needed a pair of roomier jeans.  I like them at first but quite quickly started doubting them.  So, I asked my daughter the other day if she liked my new jeans.  Her response: "NO"  I asked why and she responded without skipping a beat:  "Because they are too blue."  You know, she is exactly right.  And that is why I cannot buy new jeans - as I feel that I am bordering blindly buying Mom jeans - and just need to fit into the jeans I already own.  The cool ones.  The ones I bought last year, or the years before.

So, this week I am going to try one of those "barre"fitness classes.  I don't know what to except other than hopefully a little sweat and a little soreness the next day.  Because the only thing that getting sore now are my fingertips (from over texting and page turning).  I am putting this out there - to the universe - in hopes that I will succeed in sticking with a new workout goal of breaking a sweat!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

You are cracking me up! I've heard great things about Barre classes. Let me know how you like them!

Torrie said...

ahhh, i have taken an extended workout break the past couple of weeks (ryan home from work a few days last week... our weekend away... the kids home this week... all of my excuses), and it will be hard to get back into it... very hard. but since i too MUST get back into my jeans- i MUST get back on track next week.

i have a friend who did a barre class and really liked it (and felt like it was a great workout)... let me know how you like it!!

About Last Weekend said...

i always ask my kid's opinion before I buy stuff - they are the best stylists - they don't like something and sometimes they don't even know why (my eight year old says" That's too lazy on you" or Too much material) but they are so honest! Love it!

Bestie said...

That's too lazy on you" -LOVE it - they are so delightfully honest!

i'll let everyone know how the classes go - but (yawn), i am pushing them back one more week

Holly said...

Bestie- I've started "shredding" again. Just last week getting ready for my brother's wedding in June! I'm on day two of Week 2! Lord help me!

Oh Sunnie Day said...

lol that's too funny!! I do P57 and it really works.