Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Mom is an artist, not like Dad who can draw, but like someone who arts themselves....because she is fancy"

What perceptive words for a four year old.  Yeah, I'm totally bragging again.  Although, everyday is not a fancy day, she has applauded my efforts to dress "up" on occasion.  This coming from a girl who was overly delighted one afternoon when I told her I was going to change out of my sweatpants before going to the store.  She doesn't like anything of the "sweat" kind and especially nothing black or gray, as she labels those colors as "sad".  This describes half my wardrobe, with "sweat" and black being the key items, so when I put on a skirt or something of color, she is first to notice.  And the thing is, she's right.  Black and gray can be sad colors.  And why not have a little fun getting dressed.  In her world, every day is dress up.  Why shouldn't mine?

I realized that this outfit is entirely thrifted, sans the shoes!  Dawn would be proud.

I often quote my children in the blog because I like looking back and remembering what they said!  Now, there is an app for that.  Check out Bacon Mouth, a new app for keeping tracking of all the funny and amazing things kids say.  Bacon Mouth is also a supporter of GnB.  Check it out!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I need that app! I always forget those sayings and they are so funny. Kids..they say the best things. Well, and the worst! Love the skirt!

Torrie said...

she is so cute. hailey gets very happy and complimentary when i step it up (aka... change out of my pajamas or "workout" clothes)- even just doing my hair different or adding a little make-up (since i've been prettttty plain-jane as of late) causes her to notice, smile, and compliment.

(we better soak it all up while we can, right?? :))

Josie said...

Love your thrifted look. And what a fun quote from your daughter... Such a sweetheart.
xo Josie