Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresh Flavor, Friends & Fun

My friend made this amazingly fresh and flavorful salad over the weekend.

The best part is that all the flavor comes directly from the fresh ingredients and there is no oil or any sort of dressing.

I think it was equal parts chopped ingredients (pretty much what you see):

Avocado, Tomatoes (strained), Mango, White Onion, Cilantro

The salad accompanied a meal of grilled pork chops and grilled vegetables.  My other friend grilled the vegetables to just the right amount of crisp in this must have vegetable grilling basket.

Weber Style Professional GradeVegetable Basket
Perfect Father's Day Gift for the bbq lover, might I add.

Lovely weekend spent with lovely friends, fresh food, and happy kids.

Here's to kicking off the summer season (even if a little bit early).


The City Boy said...

this look very yummy

Torrie said...

ahhhh... summer is just around the corner. love summer salads, grilled veggies- and meat(!), and summer cocktails of course :).