Thursday, April 05, 2012

Golden nails for the Golden Birthday!

New birthday outfits, because I couldn't pick just one!

My baby girl is celebrating a birthday today.  She is no longer a baby, but she'll always be my baby.  She has such a strong spirit and point of view for such a little one that I often find myself asking, "what would a thirty-five year old version of LaLa do" in such a such case?

  • Her first word was pillow.
  • She has a sophisticated pallet and eats parm by the chunk, asparagus like candy, enjoys wasabi peas, and is just as addicted as I am to that insanely great trader joe's seaweed snack!
  • She never wears jeans or sweats or fleece pants and only dresses, skirts, leggings, oh, and jeggings for this girl.
  • She adores her bestie big brother and is always watching out for him.
  • She has a heart of gold and it just so happens that her nails are gold too!
Yes, I am bragging.  Yes, I took her for a birthday manicure.  Yes, I have gold nails too (she picked out the shade)  Yes, she and her little pink leopard boots inspired this blog and she inspires me on a daily basis.  Love her to pieces.

By the way, shade is Essie "Shifting Power"
Funny how it can be so elegant and sophisticated yet so sweet and subtle on my little one!


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

So sweet. And great color! Happy bday to her!!!

Torrie said...

i love this.

hailey inspires me (tremendously) also... and i know that she will continue to do so throughout our lives :).

LOVE that gold nail polish!! (i'm adding it to my "to buy" list now)