Monday, January 21, 2013

baby faves

maclaren stroller in central park

When I was pregnant and having babies, to say that I fully researched baby products is probably an understatement.  I've been meaning to share some of our favorite products; the ones that have stayed with us.

Lasted us six years through disney, d.c., nyc, and our own urban adventures.
It would still be with us if I didn't leave it at the green city market one day.
See what happens when I don't meet my coffee quota?  I know, who loses a stroller?

The life chair.  We have two of these in black and they still look great at our kitchen table. 
Free of straps and contraptions, the chairs are now in the bid kid position and also comfortable for adults. 


This folding rocker is perfect for small spaces.  We definitely didn't have space for the big, cushy recliners that you often see in nurseries, but this did the trick.  Especially after dawning it with a comfy sheepskin throw.  Sleek and modern, it now sits in our family room and it's my favorite spot.

i have several of these.  the coziest and can be used as a throw or rug.  i love throwing them over leather couches too for a soft touch.


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Rachel Waters said...

for real I literally cannot understand that crazy wooden chair nor the picture that accompanies it with a mini man growing. babies are scary. luckily I have yours to look at and then say goodbye to.

also I obviously need to hear the story of the forgotten maclaren because it sounds. amazing.

hope you're still runnin' on dunkin'! xo