Thursday, January 17, 2013


While spending a two hour stint in the Apple store with the kids, only to be told that my phone needed replacing, a trip to the bathroom was inevitable.  Even kids need a break from the iPad table and every kid needs to go to the bathroom at the most inopportune time.  So, down the elevator we went into the clean new iBathrooms.  While waiting on the peanuts, I noticed that the iLighting was not so stellar.  Weird for such a modern, sleek store, I thought.  As I struggled to get the shadow off of my face, I moved my head back and forth only to realize that it it followed me.  It wasn't the iLighting and the shadows were circles.  Dark, purple circles like that of cinema makeup outlined the base of my eyes.  The circles stayed with me to the next morning and nothing could cover the purplish blue hue.  Scanning my bathroom, my eyes landed on the only product that cured my daughter's diaper rash three years ago.  Desperato - I grabbed it.  It's a very think, very white, illuminous-esque paste.  But when applied, it becomes thinner and the bottom line is that it worked.  Three dots of Benefit's high beam on top and I was good as gold.  Well, maybe silver.   I'm a big fan of finding multiple uses for the products that take up my husband's shelf on the medicine cabinet.  iSorry, dear.

Lucky Magazine published an article in this month's issue titled:   

The 6 Secrets of Wide-Awake Eyes

#4:  There's a vein just above the inner corner of your eyes, almost at the bridge of your nose.  Hit tht with a dab of concealer and your eyes will look significantly more awake.  

Now,  I'm not seeing a vein, more like a wrinkle, but I applied on the inner corners/ almost bridge of nose and saw a slight difference.  Will definitely do this from now on.  Especially when my shadow follows me.

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torrie said...

ilove (get it? :)) this tip. thank you! ineed it too....

{got your message by the way... will respond tonight... wine in hand :) xo}