Friday, January 04, 2013

new year, new routine

New skin.  We are all interested in preserving our skin and being that it is an organ after all, we should be.  Despite this obsession, many nights I still find myself pulling out the Say Yes to Cucumber towelettes and doing a quick once over before collapsing into bed.  And it shows when I wake up with tired, dull skin.  I have found that a little oil can add a little extra sheen, wakes up the skin for the day and goes a long way.  And in keeping with my attempt to keep my medicine cabinet as natural as possible, I'm looking to my kitchen cupboard for oils and other goodies to incorporate into the 2013 routine.

Coconut oil:  I've been applying before bed for some extra nighttime moisture.  As we get further into winter, the air is getting drier and drier.  So far, this has not cause any breakouts.

Jojaba oil:  Combine with moisturizer in the morning for an extra boost to wake up the skin.

Lemon juice:  I'm trying this to even skintone - I'll be back with an update.  And for a healthy and pH balance scalp:  apply to wet hair and leave in for a few minutes before rinsing.  A little tip from my dermatologist.

Grapeseed oil + Sugar:  For a nightly lip scrub

Camomile Tea:  Rinse into hair after shampooing and before conditioning to enhance highlights. 

Because there is nothing that makes me more anxious than sitting at the hair salon for three hours getting highlights.  Between the waiting, heating, and sheer thought of the chemicals penetrating my scalp, the experience is less than relaxing.  Paranoid, I know, but if I can add a few extra weeks between visits, I'll take it!

Cheers to a healthy routine in 2013!

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Megan said...

hey sweets...have you read this?

step one for me is to get groceries!


Jennifer said...

I must try some of these!

xo Jennifer