Tuesday, January 08, 2013

magic hat

"Why do you always wear a hat?" " 'Cause it fits my head." 
(Robert Redford, in "The Horse Whisperer")

You know how I have that rule about no photo being posted of me where my arms looks bigger than my head?  Well, I do and I've posted an example here. Often, my sleeveless arm can look the same width as my head.  This happens all the time for two reasons A.  I need to get my arms to the gym and B.  I have a rather small head - I can wear my six year old son's hats, no problem.  So, when it comes to appearing put together - sort of in the aviator vain - I feel a cute hat can disguise any old outfit instantaneously.  It's like the icing on a not so great cake - who doesn't love it?  And because some days call for going incognito or looking put together from the waist up (example:  in the school drop off line when I'm sporting my pj pants).  Who would even think it when sporting one of these lids. As they say, if the hat fits...

the winter fedora
target $16.99
the plaid hat

local chicago designer squast by les
the striped hat
j crew $24.99

the furt aviator hat

zara $14.99
the houndstooth news boy hat
ralph lauren $33.74

with these sales, i could be sporting a hat daily!

1 comment:

The City Boy said...

I wish I could pull off hats, but I just feel they dont look good on me. I would, however, love a fur trapper hat!