Tuesday, January 22, 2013

pre-workout routine

I am hoping my current obsession with facial products is not a sign of a nearing mid-life, but it's possible. Considering a friend and I discussed botox (i would never) vs Neocutis Luminiere Biorestorative anti-aging eye cream .5% vs La Prairie (contains caviar - what?) over margs the other day is not a good sign.   However, our convo did take a turn to the Bachelor, so we brought it back down to our early 30's level again - I mean 20's.  Actually, I think I'm about 29 in my head.

Moving along to my latest product post...
I've been hitting the gym in the mornings after dropping the kids at school.  Being that we are usually in such a rush, I can barely get dressed, let alone look in the mirror.  And let's face it, my nightly face wash resolution was over on Jan 2 (I don't think I wake up on the zombie walk from the couch to bed) and I've been walking into the gym sporting leftover makeup face.  Not only is it not pretty, I don't feel energized.  And after a workout on the "textmill" as my husband as coined it, my face just feels dirty.  So, I've established a pre-gym routine to wake up me and my facial pores.   It's invigorating, makes me feel ready for a workout, and takes two minutes.

Step one:  Exfoliate

Step two:  Hydrate (combine 2/3 Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion -or any lighter lotion- and 1-2 drops of jojoba oil)
The lightness of the sea buckthorn lotion combined with the hydrating oil instantly brightens the face and gives it a pre-workout glow. 


More on my post workout facial routine tomorrow.

Last 24hrs hours to VOTE for Goodies&Besties for the Circle of Moms top 25 Fashion and Beauty blogs.  It's been a tight race and I feel like I need to sport some "vote for me" buttons today - 8th grade student council style. 


Holly said...

Girl, we aren't a day over 28!! Especially after a margarita or two! Love you, bestie!

torrie said...

you're number 24! yaaaay!!

i have the exact same issue with nightly face-washing... surprise, surprise ;)... i really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to start working out again. (and blogging too :))

torrie said...

... listening to "here comes the sun"... think it's a sign :)...