Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real Housewives of Bedrock

I caught this scene on The Flinstones the other day while flipping through channels. Well, I definitely couldn't relate to this show when I was six, but...i can now.

Wilma: I sure made a boo boo this morning.

Betty: How come?

Wilma: I casually mentioned that were going shopping today to Fred.

Betty: That explains all the screaming and yelling I heard at your place

Wilma: I guess the whole neighborhood heard it.

Betty: I guess I am lucky, Barney didn’t say a word, not a word…he just turned around, clutched his throat, gasped a few times and fainted.

Wilma: Fred always turns red, starts screaming and shows me the check stubs.

Betty: I hate those check stubs.

This is word for word...yes, I sat there with the dvr remote until I got it!

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