Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take me to your leader....

Every morning I feel like I am doing the zombie walk to my coffee machine or espresso machine (if I have the energy to make espresso) which I usually don't, which is why i am sleepwalking to get coffee in the first place, duh. It's like those Folgers commercials.

Shot 1: The sun is rising just over the mountains...
Reality: it's raining in Chicago, there are no mountains, its flatter than my 12yr old chest (did i just write that?)

Shot 2: You see my arms just starting to stretch as I open my eyes in bed
Reality: i am not in my bed but probably on the kids floor or worse, half sleeping on the edge of a toddler bed and i NEVER WAKE UP LIKE a little person always wakes me up first

Shot 3: Close up on the coffee maker with last few drips of coffee falling as it beeps that it is done
Reality: ok, this actually does happen, yeah!

Shot 3: I inhale the aroma and it brings a smile to my face
Reality: i am tapping my arm, can't get the caffeine in fast enough, no time to stop and smell the coffee :)

Shot 4: Beautiful cream pouring into a hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug
Reality: My husband has used the last of the half & half i am furiously calling him out on blackberry messenger
Wait, this just happened in real time: i am sitting here with my half cup, ready to go for a second, and my husband says, "oh, i thought you were done" after he pours the last few precious golden drops into his travel mug.

Nonetheless, I have been cherishing old (and new) coffee signs lately...snapped a few in some coffee shops and have one in my kitchen that I bought at a sidewalk sale (and by sidewalk sale, I mean someone literally selling their stuff on the sidewalk in front of their house during the Old Town Art Fair).


Torrie said...

Of course we'd both have coffee-related posts as our favorites, right??

I know I just told you on twitter, but LOVE this. So, here's what mine does. We have 4 travel mugs. Sometimes less if one's broken. Somehow they *all end up in Ryan's car (since he takes one daily and forgets to bring them IN!). So, I'm about to walk out the door... I reach in to grab the cup... and guess what? It's not there. But since I'm rushing out the door (always rushing), I can't do anything about it! But of course I do take the extra minute to call him and inform him that he has ALL of the mugs. :)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I'm not a coffee drinker (shocked?!) but this made me laugh out loud!