Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping my closet

I currently cannot see my bed or any piece of furniture in my room due to the emptying of my closet. Transitioning seasons here and trying to be a thrifty chick by shopping my closet and putting fall outfits together. The sea of tags from unworn items is a bit disturbing and just a little reminder of historic retail therapy sessions and day of date freak out purchases. Sigh...

But, alas, a friend of mine has inspired me to do a full purge. She went by the three seasons rule...if it hasn't be worn in three seasons, it's out. The funny thing is, the pieces that I am saving are like six seasons old but have come back around again. Many of the items have already been in a "donate" pile previous years, only to be rescued for the "just in case" moment or for nostalgia purposes.

So far, it looks like I will be shopping elsewhere :) But, we'll see what my closet has to offer first. If I could only pull together the look of that short fisherman-esque sweater in previous post. I really can't stop fantasizing about that sweater.

The best part about this boutique, they serve red wine and m&m's. Back to the closet....

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