Monday, September 20, 2010


I've almost come to grips that summer is over and I am falling in love with fall.

Pumpkins, baking, red wine, boots, cozy sweaters, fireplaces, fall vegetables, cableknit legwarmers in size 2T (adorable on those little toddler legs), spiced cider, football, back to school grins, dark nails, s'mores, the list could go on....can we repeat in fun fonts?

b a k i n g

boots, boots, boots
cozy sweaters
fall vegetables
cableknit legwarmers in size 2T
spiced cider
back to school GRINS

the list could go on....

Let's start with Saturday morning at the Green City between rain storms.
These organic carrots have so much flavor

Who knew kids would eat radishes?

In my current favorite jeans for September (J.Crew-purchased years ago)...rolled up twice..they are not bright white, not cream, just really neutral (I don't follow that no white after labor day silliness)...perfect with striped shirts and great belts. Cherishing that early fall nautical look. A few more weeks and these goodies will be retired for the season....

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