Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Countdown to Renegade Craft Fair!


The Renegade Craft Fair takes places this weekend on Division Street!
And the Saturday scene that I have playing in my head is getting me through the week.

It will start out with me sleeping in until 7am (yes, 7am is sleeping in for me, sad, but true).
Reality: the kids wake up at 6am...someone has a meltdown...i drink coffee and watch curious george for an hr)

The next shot is of me heading out the door for a nice run along the lake (more likely not, but this is my movie).
Reality: I am still drinking coffee but we have moved to the porch and kids are playing, and i am not working out

After my morning workout, I head out the door, sporting a super cute early Fall outfit, straw bag in hand, and take a stroll through the Green City Market.
Reality: i am chasing kids around the market, dodging strollers, and eating too many doughnuts

Finally, I head out to Sip for a large cappuccino and start my RENEGADE DAY!

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Haute Dog said...

oooh!!! see you there!