Monday, September 27, 2010


I (my friend and I) can find a find ex-college boyfriend that my "friend" dated for a month before he transferred schools (no, he's not on FB or Twitter, oh and no, we don't consider ourselves stalkers, just expert sleuthers ;) BUT I cannot find out any more information on this sweater featured in the Sunday Style section of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE. What gives here?!?!? Need to find this sweater so that I can do further research into finding an affordable copycat!


Haute Dog said...

so this is really quite different, but I thought of this blog post...scroll down to the one that says On The Street...The Boys Dept.

PS - we need to start shopping at crewcuts!

Bestie said...

Ummm, cherish you! Loving that crew cuts sweater...same idea at least!