Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beach Combing

A favorite activity with the kids is spreading out all of our beach treasures that we found and examining each one. We sort them by beach glass, crinoids, and rocks. It's a good "classification" lesson for them and fun to remember our time on the beach. We were blessed with a lovely gift of a 70 degree day last week so I loaded the kids and drove over to Duneland Beach (on the border of Indiana and Michigan). We spent the afternoon looking for rocks, beach glass, digging in the sand, and playing soccer. The kids were able to dig their toes in the sand and enjoy the sun. It was a lovely November gift. xo

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Torrie said...

Love this. Hailey (over the summer, @ our beach camping trip) collected many little rocks and shells, and named them all, by the way they uniquely looked... It was quite cute:).