Monday, November 22, 2010


I love when I find a perfect combination family outing that's easy (and fun for the adults too). Like when I discovered that when you go to the indoor Green City Market inside the Nature Museum, the kids can then go into the museum at no charge. PERFECT winter outing and I get my market fix in too.

Saturday, we ended up at the new Mac store on North Avenue and then checked out the Burger Bar for lunch. The lovely spirited hostess led us to a booth (away from the door, she said it was too drafty for the kids there - DING - that was my first hint that this place caters to the shorties). Before we were even sitting down our waiter was standing there with two kids cups in hand (2nd DING)! Then, the hostess returned with two chalkboards and chalk for the kids. HELLO!

To top it off, the burgers were great, service was fast, and atmosphere fun! And for extra entertainment, there was a little loose rock on the exposed brick wall next to our booth, so I removed it from the hole and found a little secret note under it that read, "check the other loose rock." So we did, and found another secret note, "Hooray for curiosity." My 4yr old signed the note and returned it under the rock....hoping to find it next time!

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