Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Down goes Frazier

Ok, so I fell asleep the other night with the laptop on the bed...several hours later, my two year old crawled into my bed for a bit and did her usual 360 take over, during which the laptop hit the floor. That macbook has survived many falls, but this one did it in. Apparently, it has lost its airport hardware (not software), meaning, it broke! And just as I write this I am realizing that I could actually connect it via hardwire (what a concept), but that would entail me sitting in the playroom corner for awhile...and I am kind of associating that with a naughty corner...bad computer owner.

I plugged in my old laptop, which I see I haven't used since 2008. It's a good backup, but slow as molasses.

So, off to the genius bar I go. And hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with regular posts!


Torrie said...

Ahh- that's horrible.

Computer issues are NO fun... at all.

Good luck on getting it fixed!

Bestie said...

thanks! My husband will for sure think it was sabotage so that I could get a new computer ;)

Stephanie said...

i can develop major crushes on those genius bar guys in about 30 minutes. i always think "if they can do ALL THAT with my computer in such a short amount of time, think what they could do in a couple hours on the rest of my life!"

hope your computer is all better.

Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Oh no!!! That stinks!! Yay for a back-up, though!