Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rosebud The lip slip by Sara Happ
It's time to get out the humidifiers and stock up on my favorite lipbalms (one for the bag, one for the nightstand, one for the car...) And yummy shea butter.....good for everything and all natural.

Now Foods Shea Butter


Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am in desperate need of a great lip balm, so this post came at a perfect time!! to check out your blog! LOVE the name!! :)

Torrie said...

Where do you buy this? At a drugstore or online? Like I've said before, I've never heard of it, but I too need a good lip balm! Hailey's lips were really chapped, and I realized we didn't have a single lip balm in our house!

Oh, and I forwarded your coffee comment to Suzie- because I thought it was funny:).

Bestie said...


The Sara Happ lip balm is the best and that little jar lasted me about 8 months...i use it to the very end tho! it's like licking cake batter from the bowl - when you used to be able to do that - like when i was 8. you can get it online or some spa boutiqes carry it. rosebud used to be available at urban outfitters, not sure if it still is...or maybe sephora or boutique drugstores. happy lip balm shopping!

Bestie said...


Thanks for stopping by!!