Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rosy Rosy

I am lucky...I don't have to cook, host, or stress about Thanksgiving! There will come a time (perhaps when I actually have a dining room table) when I will (maybe) put my bare hands inside of a turkey. I take that back, I will probably be wearing gloves. Grimacing as I write this and at the thought of it, my appreciation for my mother rises once again. The last time being a few weeks ago when my four year old had the stomach flu and I was cleaning IT out of the couch and carpet. How did she do it with three children? I started to calculate in my head how many times we must've had the stomach flu in the 18yr living at home x three kids...that got too complicated.

Anyway, I have offered to bring wine and HELP in the kitchen. But I think my mother would rather just except the wine offer and leave it at that. So, wine it is, and hopefully I can find a perfect hostess gift.

I am liking these Rosy Rings candles...may have to stock up on a few. They are a little country but we are leaving the city after all...and sometimes a little country is ok.


Torrie said...

This is too funny- because I (for some odd reason) included a picture of my hands in a turkey... and they were indeed gloved (but my grandma's weren't!). :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bestie said...

Hilarious! Just made my coffee, Curious George is on the tivo, and I am going to spend next 30 min catching up on blogs! Can't wait to read your posts.