Thursday, April 07, 2011


Just as I was thinking about what fun Friday post I could do for tomorrow, I came to a disappointing revelation: tomorrow is only Thursday, which means it's Wednesday night, which means nothing without Modern Family.  As I was pondering my fun Friday post and coming to this revelation, I was also typing in the jumbled crazy secrity letters in a "comment" box and the letters happened to spell FUNALOST.  What a little coincidence because this was right about the time all my FUNALOST happened after realizing that it's not the start of the weekend quite yet.  So, here's my definition for funalost.

FUNALOST:  the moment when one realizes that the fun or potential for fun is over

When you sneak into the kitchen in the morning to enjoy that one cup of coffee, alone in the quiet of the morning and you hear little feet walking down the hallway the second the mug hits your mouth (FUNALOST)

You are all set to go to dinner - so what if you are only running a few minutes behind, it's only a ten minute drive- you get in the car, crank the tunes, and then realize that you have 2 miles to empty (FUNALOST)

It's the morning of a big birthday party, everything is in place, and then the little birthday girl proclaims, "I think I am going to throw up, Mommy."  (FUNALOST)

Throwing up, in general (FUNALOST)

Kids are all dressed up for photos, you are walking to the car and your two year old slips a little and falls.  No problem, you think, her tights are just a little wet, they will dry after all.   Then you put her in her carseat only to discover that the "little wet" was actually dog poop.  (FUNALOST)

and speaking of....

You recently had a baby, baby is in the sling, and you are trying to be perfect, fun mom by taking your older child out for an adventure walk.  Older child, who is only 2, is holding your hand until you are forced to let go and adjust baby in the sling.  In that moment you turn around to your 2yr old inquiring, "Mommy, what's these?" proudly holding a piece of dog poop in each hand (FUNALOST).

ok, we live in the city and some people don't pick up after their dogs.

Do you have any examples of FUNALOST.   Perhaps, it was reading THIS POST TODAY??


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I feel like I must have millions if funlost examples,but this week sleep loss is keeping my brain from working. Sleep fall asleep only to have hubs snoring wake you at 2am, then fall back asleep and 4 year old with allergies wakes you at 4am needing cuddles.

Dawn said...

My funalost is finding the perfect dress in the thrift store and reading the label...Maternity...oh crap, funalost!!! Love this funafound!!! Have a great weekend darling thanks for the laughs. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

domestic dish said...

I love this!! I know that with children there is at least one of these momens every day. like when you finally have a date night out after having a baby and you are having a great time until you look down and your shirt is completely soaked. FUnalost for sure...thanks this made me laugh